Why Doing Good Is Good For YOU!

Oct 21, 2022

Experience the health benefits associated with helping others

We all know giving our time or efforts helps others! This is true whether we volunteer for organizations, offer emotional support to those around us, support others by walking in a parade, or donate to charities. But did you know that the warm and fuzzy feeling you get from helping others is actually good for you and your health?

Many studies show that giving can actually boost your physical and mental health. People who engage in helping others are happier and have better mental and physical health than those who don’t spend as much time helping others. During hard times, a body of research suggests that helping gestures assuage worry and concern. Often during emergencies and crises, people are motivated to start performing acts of kindness. Helping others through a crisis by performing good deeds can make you feel in control—even give you bursts of euphoria called “the helper’s high” from dopamine and endorphins which are released in the brain.

But why wait for times of crisis to “do good” or “give back?” There are important causes in your community that could use your support every day. I know we all get busy with our daily lives and we often get fatigued from the number of causes that we see pop up every day when checking out at the local grocery store or coffee shop asking us to give, give, & give more. However, from volunteering at a soup kitchen or building a home with Habitat to committing to raising money for a specific charity like CASA  – health benefits associated with giving can include:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Less depression
  • Lower stress levels
  • Longer life
  • Greater happiness and satisfaction

There’s just something about the delight of giving or doing for others that makes us feel good, but there’s actually science backing it up.

Research says that people who give social support to others have lower blood pressure than people who don’t. Supportive interaction with others also helps people recover from coronary-related events. People who give their time to help others through community and organizational involvement have greater self-esteem, less depression, and lower stress levels than those who don’t.

Consider Giving Back To Your Community!

There are several ways to give back related to fitness, click here for some ideas.

During the holidays, it’s a great time to consider supporting those in need! Find a cause that you are passionate about and get involved. Have kids? Get them started earlier.

We Invite YOU to Be A Part of Something Bigger and Support Us In Our Efforts To Give Back In Our Community. With the support of FITNESS PROJECT members, we have raised over $150,000 and volunteer regularly wIth organizations Like Habitat and CASA.

We just started building our 2nd home with Habitat and invite you to join us on one of our upcoming build days or give money to support our efforts. People like you contribute talents and time to Habitat for all kinds of reasons: to lift up other families, to lift up your own, to bond with others, & even to get in shape. Regardless of the “why,” every Habitat homeowner, volunteer, and staff member has one thing in common. We all love the work — and the reward. Click here to learn more.

We are also proud to support CASA, an organization that believes “EVERY SINGLE CHILD DESERVES A CHANCE. THAT CHANCE IS YOU!” When a child enters the foster care system because his or her home is no longer safe, a judge may appoint a committed volunteer to help them. That volunteer is called a Court Appointed Special Advocate®, or CASA. Those Advocates need YOUR Support to make a difference in the lives of children and families in your community. Click here to learn more. 

So go ahead and reach out to someone in need, decide what charities you’d like to give to and identify opportunities to give back to your community. Your mental and physical health will thank you – and so will the people you help.


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