Spring Into Self-Care

Jan 26, 2023

12 Techniques & Tips To Get You Started.

Spring is about to be sprung. Now might be a good time to revisit those New Year’s resolutions and recommit to self-care. The days are getting longer and we’re over the worst of the cold, dark Winter. Look forward to a brighter, sunnier Spring to rejuvenate body and mind. If you look back on the intentions you set in January, you might be kicking yourself a little bit or feeling some regret. Have you given in to your old habits or given up on your new ones?

You might think beating yourself up will foster the motivation you need to get back on track. Research indicates, however, that you’re more likely to stay motivated if you swap out your inner voice’s critical tone with a tender voice of kindness and positivity. There are many positive effects of “positive self-talk”. Of course, this is easier said than done. You may be used to admonishing yourself for small missteps, and it takes practice to change the tune of your inner voice. Not only should you be offering yourself kindness, but you should make self-care a part of your regular practice. Your self-care is important. A regular routine of looking after your body and mind helps you keep strong and healthy emotionally, physically, and psychologically for the demands of daily life. Spring is a time of new beginnings, transformation, and growth. As you stride into spring, get focused on your own self-care by trying out some of these amazing techniques and tips for your daily routine and overall well-being for a healthy and happy body and mind:

1. Meditate:

Through self-compassion meditations, you can train your mind to treat yourself the way you would treat your good friends. Meditation fosters mindfulness, which allows you to observe your self-critical thoughts without judgment. Listen to a guided meditation from YouTube or just sit quietly and comfortably and focus on your breathing. Try to be totally present in the here and now and when your mind starts to wander, re-center it on your breathing. Enjoy a few moments of peace, quiet, and stillness to yourself. Need a little help? Most Yoga and Balance classes at FITNESS PROJECT offer a meditation component!

2. Spring Clean:

Offer yourself kindness by taking the time to clean up your environments at home and work. Give a little more focus to those areas which don’t normally get a look in. A detailed, deep clean of your home will freshen things up and make your home feel and look nicer. Commit to giving something away every time you receive something new for the rest of the year. This commitment helps us feel lighter and opens up new space for you to fill.

3. Add Variety to Your Workouts:

When it comes to fitness and working out, mixing things up can make the mildest routines super beneficial! Adding some variety to your workout routine can have major payoffs. Just like you may get bored with the same meals over and over again, your body gets bored with the same exercise time after time. Your muscles become immune to routine movements and exertion – making your workouts less effective over time. Everyone knows that regular exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but it can sometimes get dull or feel like a chore. This is especially prone to happen if your routine doesn’t change much from day to day. Whatever your exercise routine, variety is the key to both enjoying and benefiting from your workouts, plus sticking with your commitment to fitness.

4. Set Boundaries (With Social Media and Work) to Protect Your Time:

Spring is a great time to reflect and identify where in your life you might need a boundary, and set that boundary. Our routines and daily activities change with the seasons, so it’s helpful to establish boundaries for the season ahead. Maybe start by looking at your social media use and limiting the amount of time you spend scrolling on your phone. Especially consider avoiding posts that elicit a negative response – you can block or hide posts for a reason. Plus consider creating a “no work” time and area in your house — with so many people still working from home, it can be tough to set boundaries around work hours, which ultimately contributes to burnout. You will immediately feel lighter!

5. Fill Your Home With Flowers:

Spring is truly the BEST time for flowers… so bring in tons of them! Peonies, ranunculus, tulips, daffodils, and more. The ultimate springtime self-care moment is treating yourself to a trip to the flower market. Then, when you get home, put on some fun music. Dance around as you put the blooms into vases. Instantly your mood will perk up… I promise. It does for me for sure!

6. Plan NEW Meals with Spring Produce:

Just like flowers, spring brings so many new veggies to eat! Food plays a huge part in a self-care plan. Head to a local farmers market and scoop up anything that looks vibrant, fresh, and exciting… then whip up some new recipes! Bonus points: meal planning is literally one of the best ways to embrace self-care.

7. Go Outside:

Uplift yourself by taking advantage of warmer weather to connect with nature, especially after being cooped up all winter… it is vital! Whether hiking, practicing yoga outside, or simply listening to the sounds of nature, you’ll be filling your cup as you fill your lungs with fresh air.

8. Treat Yourself:

Tis the season for Easter candy, Spring fitness gear, and Skincare! I don’t know about you, but I get really excited during this time of year for Robin Eggs and Jelly Beans, I still make sure to treat myself… which means keeping a bag of both of these on hand but being smart about not eating the whole bag in one setting! 🙂 Also, check out the latest fun fitness tank tops or spring attire to freshen up your gym look! Lastly, consider switching up your skincare routine. When spring rolls around, you may ditch heavy moisturizers and swap them for a lightweight oil instead You may also add some serums that brighten and add more glow to your skin. Basically, what we’re saying is don’t forget to give yourself a small indulgence this spring!

9. Read an Inspiring Book:

If you already gave up on your New Year goals, consider these SELF-HELP BOOKS to help you get re-motivated.

10. Start a Journal:

Get your thoughts out of your head and down onto paper so you can see them clearly and take action where necessary. Try these journaling tips for beginners if you’re new to the practice but would like to try it for yourself.

11. Volunteer in your community:

We all know giving our time or efforts helps others! This is true whether we volunteer for organizations, offer emotional support to those around us, support others by walking in a parade, or donate to charities. But did you know that the warm and fuzzy feeling you get from helping others is actually good for you and your health? There’s just something about the delight of giving or doing for others that makes us feel good, but there’s actually science backing it up. Learn more about opportunities to volunteer in your community or check out how your body and mind benefit by CLICKING HERE!

12. Live in Gratitude:

Practice daily gratitude and appreciate all that you have in life, instead of constantly searching and wishing for what you don’t. I know, I know! Sounds simple but practicing may be a little more difficult some days. Explore ways you can be more appreciative in our mindful guide to gratitude by CLICKING HERE!  Practicing gratitude has incredible effects, from improving our mental health to boosting our relationships with others. So as the spring season unfolds, take time to choose some of these simple techniques and tips to add to your self-care list. By turning to one or more of these simple self-compassion techniques, you might find yourself back on track. Remember, if you do not find yourself back on track, practice self-compassion, and don’t be too hard on yourself!
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