8 Benefits of Indoor CYCLE Classes

Oct 15, 2021

CYCLE with PURPOSE & Reap The Rewards

An Indoor Cycle Class may conjure “fun” to some and “sweat” to others, or it may do both. However, no one can deny the extensive list of health and fitness benefits of CYCLE classes – including though not limited to physical, mental, and even social benefits. From slimming down or toning up the physique you see in the mirror to the invigorating experience of a great CYCLE class with like-minded fitness enthusiasts…the list of benefits is extensive.

We’re sharing the top 8 benefits below, so you know what to expect if you’re a newbie or so you can reflect on all you gain from a CYCLE class, if you’re already a rider!

What is Cycling Class?

A CYCLE class, also commonly known as a “spinning class”, is a highly intense cycling workout. Typically, you will be using a stationary bike with a heavily weighted flywheel attached to its pedals.

Cycling classes are so popular that there are entire cycling centers devoted to this niche. A typical cycling class lasts between 45 and 60 minutes, led by an instructor guiding you through various heart-pumping routines.

So if you consider joining a cycling class to liven up your physical fitness routine, give it a whirl at FITNESS PROJECT, where classes are not your average spin class. The immersive fitness experience features HIIT-style programming, motivational music, and real-time leaderboard technology to track progress. FP CYCLE pushes you to go the extra mile and have fun while doing it. Learn more here.

1. Take Your Caloric BURN up a Notch

Hands down, CYCLE classes offer one of the highest caloric burn returns of any other workout or class you can do. In recent studies, subjects burned between 7.2 to 13.6 calories per minute with total calories burned during a 40-minute CYCLE class ranging from 467 to 617 calories. Consider that in the context of another popular activity, Yoga, which burns 240 to 356 calories per hour. Plus, thanks to the science of EPOC the “afterburn effect” means that you’ll continue to burn more calories even after your ride!

Expert Tip: Pair your ride with a heart rate monitor for an estimate of the number of calories you burn during a ride.

2. Strengthen Your Heart

Through aerobic and anaerobic training of CYCLE classes, you will improve your heart’s stroke volume. This is the volume of blood pumped out of the heart’s left ventricle to the rest of the body with each heartbeat. So an increased stroke volume means that your heart pumps out more blood with each stroke. In fact, your left ventricle can actually grow in size due to increased stroke volume! What does this mean? You want to protect your heart?! Take a CYCLE class!!!

3. Be Easy on Your Joints… and Your Knees

CYCLE puts far less pressure on your knees and your feet than other traditional cardio alternatives. With the ability to work hard on a bike without impact, you can focus on results without discomfort. In fact, indoor cycling low-impact workouts accommodate ailments, are easy on injuries, support joint, and tendon health, and are excellent for the longevity of your fitness regime.

4. Improve Your Mental Strength

CYCLE classes can also help you develop a “can-do” attitude. CYCLE classes build mental strength because as you’ll find the more you ride, there are easier days and then there are harder days on the bike. The important detail to remember is that you can ride through it all. Push through difficult hill climbs and coast through the flats. Both are a part of your time on the bike. This mental self-discipline increases with each pedal stroke and can be applied to other areas of your life involving self-control or confidence. As we like to say – YOU GOT THIS!

5. Control Your Own Pace

In every CYCLE class at FITNESS PROJECT (and most others), everyone rides together regardless of age, size, ability, or experience. You’re in command of your intensity each moment of your ride because you control both cadence and resistance on the bike. A beginner can climb a steep hill alongside a professional cyclist and they will reach the summit together – each one finding the amount of challenge and effort that’s right for them. It’s all about your own ride and journey.

6. Use Apps to Track Your Performance and Goals

During your CYCLE classes, the power truly is in your hands to monitor, track and measure your performance with each ride. Whether it be out on the road, in your living room with on-demand videos, in a class with an instructor, or even on the instructor stage – most fitness APPs will keep you connected, motivated, and on track to crush those goals.

7. Build Community…and Make Some Fit Friends

Irrespective of your current fitness level and goals, CYCLE classes build your skills to unify with a diverse group of individuals through combined dedication and workouts. You are not cycling alone in a spinning session. Instead, you and your neighbor will buck up and motivate each other.

Think of it as a cycling rally in a class where you become a team of riders, trying to cross the finishing line together. This will help you gain inspiration and also allow you to help others below your fitness levels while learning from those on higher fitness levels than you.

This is what you call a community spirit and how a team works. This mindset can really help you make a difference and shine amongst your colleagues at work and on other social occasions. You see, a cycling class offers more than just physical benefits, but it is a game of changing your mindset.

8. Test…and Build Your Limits

As you set your own pace, always aim to push yourself further to test your limits. You will eventually see the benefits. Had a bad day at work? Take the aggression out while pedaling away in your cycling class. It is an ideal way to channel your energy and clear your thoughts as you rid yourself of all those frustrations.

Whether you are a fitness aficionado or a beginner looking to build your stamina, strength, and health, indoor CYCLE classes at FITNESS PROJECT can certainly help. All our facilities provide friendly, customized, and personal attention and experience to all our gym members. Join us and let us help you stay active, fit, and healthy.

Join us today! And start your fitness journey with FITNESS PROJECT, where YOU are the PROJECT!

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