Spring Sweat: 5 Tips To Refresh Your Workouts This Season

Mar 30, 2021

…and what happens when you don’t “Spring clean” your fitness

When it comes to Spring cleaning, we often task ourselves with reorganizing our closets, decluttering our countertops and vacuuming every nook and cranny in our home. We take on each room with Marie Kondo-esque determination to rid ourselves of what we no longer need, optimize what is working and create space for something new… that sparks joy 😉

We do this year after year (or multiple times each year) knowing it’s good for us. Our routine of cleaning and decluttering helps us avoid illness, reduce stress and feel in control.

On the flip side, when we don’t do this, we eventually find ourselves feeling stuck amidst the chaos wondering how we got there.

Let’s assume you’d opt for a sparkly clean space rather than a stressful mess.

Now, what if we applied the same logic to our workout routines? What if every Spring, we poked around our habits and got rid of what isn’t working, kept what is going well and made space for some new activities?

For example, someone who begrudgingly skips their early morning fitness classes most days, but walks outside every evening might “Spring clean” their habits by shifting their walk they’re already motivated to do to the morning and scheduling classes for the evening. If this worked out better for them, they might finally be able to actually try out PiYo, Zumba or BodyFlow.

But, if that person simply maintains the same routine that clearly isn’t working for them, odds are, they’ll eventually end up feeling stuck, stressed and uninspired when it comes to their workouts, just like the person in the example above.

The real challenge is in changing your habits, not in the activities themselves, so it’s imperative that you make changes according to what’s easy to implement, then build on habits you love (like outdoor walks) from there.

And good news — we’ve already come up with some ideas to get you started! Ready to Spring clean your fitness routine? Here are five tips to refresh your workouts:

  1. First thing’s first: audit your workout habits from January 1st until now. Grab a pen and paper and write them all down as they come to you. Once you can see all your habits (good and bad) written out, circle what’s working for you and cross out what’s not.
  2. Inject ‘fresh air’ into your plans. Maybe you want to train for a race or, like our example above, simply enjoy daily walks. Whatever your preference, spending time outdoors (even just for ten minutes) will always leave you feeling more grounded and refreshed than before.
  3. Dedicate time for restorative training such as yoga, mobility exercises or PiYo classes. Adding these practices to your routine help you find balance physically, mentally and emotionally.
  4. Make it social! If you’re struggling to consistently commit to a plan, coordinate with a buddy (check out our current referral offer). Or, schedule a Team Training or BodyCombat class, knowing someone will be expecting you to show up will help keep you accountable to your commitments.
  5. Set a new fitness goal. Specifically, set a fitness goal that involves an activity that lights you up! Maybe it’s increasing your frequency of spin classes or participating in a fitness-based fundraiser.

Whatever you do, don’t maintain the status quo! It’s a recipe for plateau, boredom and unhelpful stress around fitness. Get rid of what’s not working for you, optimize what is working and embrace something new. You’ll feel as refreshed as your closet after decluttering!

PS. It takes repetition to transform any behaviour change into a habit. Be patient with yourself and if you mess up one day, know that tomorrow is a fresh start. You got this.



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