Make A New Year Workout Plan That You Can Stick With

Dec 31, 2020

After all the difficulties of 2020, we are ready to jump into 2021 on the right path and do everything we can to make up for a year where many of us were not our most disciplined, healthy, or fit! One of the reasons that 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail so quickly is that people don’t go in with a plan. Any time you make a real change in life, you need to have a plan to stick to. Otherwise, you’ll get discouraged, distracted, and or just plain stuck.

This new year workout plan guide will help you stick to your resolution this year.

Here’s what your workout plan needs to ensure you keep your new year’s resolution.

Commit to Making a Difference in Your Life

When you make a commitment to other people, you’re likely to keep it because you don’t want to let them down. You need to make that kind of commitment to make a difference in your own life! One of the challenges of making a commitment is feeling like there’s something better than what you’ve committed to. Remind yourself of this fact: temporary unhealthy choices are never better than long-lasting health. A FITNESS PROJECT Personal Trainer or a workout buddy might be great options for you if you struggle to commit.

Set Up a Routine You Can Stick To

Routine is key! Remember, the more you fit fitness into your schedule, the better your results. If you want to lose weight, experts say you’ll need to exercise for about 200 minutes a week at least. Squeezing in all that time won’t just happen. To keep your resolution, you’ll need to find space in your schedule and create a recurring event in your calendar.

Find Real Accountability

Telling people casually that you’re trying to lose weight doesn’t count as accountability. You need people to know what you have specifically committed to so they can help you stay on track. It also helps to sign up for a Team Training, Studio Fitness or GROUP classes so that you’ll have someone to speak up if you skip your workout… Plus, we all know fitness is more fun with a friend or a many friends).

Consider Tracking What You Eat – By Hand

Writing things down by hand makes a difference! You’ll be more thoughtful about what you eat and making healthy choices if you track what you consume by hand.

Leave Room for Adjustments in the Process

Things don’t always go as planned. That’s why your plans need to include room for adjustments. For example, schedule your workouts to add up to a little more than 200 minutes in case you don’t fit it all in, all the time. Keep learning and trying new things in case some changes will improve your workout effectiveness. Remember, it’s always good to add variety to your workouts! Keeps you motivated and keeps your body working harder to hit your goals quicker.

Find Expert Plans to Follow

Creating everything entirely from scratch is just too much to keep up with. It helps to have expert plans to follow- like a Fitness or Team Challenge that has workout routines designed to last a few weeks. Try our 2021 My Community Challenge to get started!


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