3 Fun & Free Ways to Refresh your Fitness Journey

Jun 21, 2022

Can you believe it? We’re already in the second half of 2022! This is an excellent time to check in with yourself and evaluate the effectiveness of your fitness journey so far. How’s it going? Are you crushing those goals you set out back in January? It’s normal to lose some momentum at this point in the year, that’s why we’re here to give you suggestions on ways to refresh your fitness journey and finish 2022 off stronger than ever!

Take this as an opportunity to find new support systems that will carry you toward your goals. One thing to keep in mind is the time of year, and the number of cost-effective options available to you as you explore new ways to stay active! If you’re used to the same workout routine – consider incorporating new forms of movement to help stimulate new muscles and discover a new activity that you might enjoy!

1. Build/Rebuild a support system

As the saying goes: there is no “I” in “team”! If you’ve crushed fitness goals all on your own, then kudos to you! There is, however, something to be said about working with others and what the power of a strong support system can do for your overall success. With this in mind, it’s time to reflect on your support system and ask yourself the following questions:

  • How has my support system helped keep me on track and motivated throughout my fitness journey?
  • Have I found the right motivation style and the right people to help keep me motivated?
  • Am I reciprocating this support to those who encourage me to stick to my goals?

This is a great way to reflect on your support system’s status and determine whether you need to re-build the team of folks you lean on. As we pass the mid-point of 2022, think about who has had a positive impact on your journey so far. Maybe it’s a family member or a good friend. Maybe it’s that person you’ve been cycling beside for the last 4 months in your GROUP fitness class. Or maybe it’s time to consider a fitness coach who leads one of the Studio Fitness or Team Training classes or a personal trainer!  Classes are FREE to try and included in studio memberships.

Whoever it may be, take this as an opportunity to reflect on the status of your support system and whether it may be time to shake things up!

2. Utilize free resources

We get it – costs are increasing everywhere! While prices continue to rise in almost every aspect of life, rest assured that there are ample opportunities to stay active and work towards your fitness goals at little-to-no cost! This summer, be sure to utilize free resources where possible. This could be a jog at the park nearest you, participating in outdoor local events or programs, and even getting involved in philanthropic initiatives to help support your community. Source activities through social groups and websites, then schedule them into your weekly routine as a fun addition to keep the momentum going! Did you also know that there are plenty of fitness tips and resources regularly included in the FITNESS PROJECT blog? Go back through past articles to see what interest you!

This is also a reminder to maximize the use of your FitnessProject membership. There are a ton of perks and amenities to take advantage of – some of which you may not even know about! A perfect example of this: Our 3D body assessment!

Want a closer look at your progress to better understand your body and your fitness capabilities? Find a club near you and schedule a Styku 3D Body Composition Assessment, which uses the latest technology to help you work out with purpose and achieve those goals! Again, your first session is FREE and you also get unlimited sessions with some membership types. Not sure where to start? Remember that FITNESS PROJECT offers FREE Fitness Clinics to educate you on fundamental movements through a variety of cardio and strength equipment throughout the gym floor. Learn the best stretches, workouts, and classes designed to help you reach your goals and achieve your purpose. Your trainer will never have more than 4 members in a class to ensure you get individualized attention, plus you might meet a few new workout buddies.


3. Join a Group Fitness Class

There is truly no better way to find a new source of motivation than trying out a new fitness class. Not only are you working out alongside like-minded, health-focused people, but you’re also finding new ways to move your body! This could lead to a newfound love for something that becomes a pillar in your fitness journey. Lucky for you – our clubs host a ton of amazing GROUP fitness classes throughout the day. And you know what? GROUP classes are included in all memberships, We are committed to creating a space that is both inclusive and inspiring. As a judge-free zone, we work to instill confidence in our clients by bringing the energy and the motivation – a perfect option for someone looking to spice up their routine!

Because we understand how busy life can get, we offer as many classes throughout the day as possible. Our class schedule offers sessions every half-hour, morning, noon, and night. We like to think there’s no excuse to book your spot, but the reality is that they’re easy to sprinkle into your schedule throughout the day.

If you’re searching for a more structured approach to group fitness, consider signing up for Studio fitness classes. Working with a personal coach alongside a small group of other members, you’ll focus on various forms of movement and strength training! If you’re not ready to work one-on-one with a trainer, this is a seamless way to add something new and keep the momentum building for the rest of 2022!

2022 has been a crazy year so far! As we approach the last half of the year, we encourage you to take a moment and reflect on the fitness goals you established back in January. Finding fun and free ways to refresh your fitness journey is no easy feat! Be sure to take inventory of the resources available to you and the ones you’re already investing in. Touch base with your support system and lean on them for motivation to keep you on track. Take advantage of local fitness programs and find ways to give back to your community!

Our clubs offer a wide range of amenities and programs to help you re-focus and re-align with your goals. Join us for a 3D Body assessment to help identify optimal performance initiatives and to monitor your progress so far. We host a ton of great group classes and group training sessions to help you learn new forms of movement in an uplifting and motivational setting!

We firmly believe that you’ve got this! Make the rest of 2022 your best season yet!


Start your fitness journey with us today.

First time local guests 18+ only. Restrictions may apply. See club for more details.

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